4. april 2016

Buttercups and sherberts quilt top

"The hardest test in life
is the patience
to wait for the right moment"

Todays was the right moment to sew the quilt top.

I love to make the puzzle of squares before sewing the quilt top, 
but this time I skipped the puzzle.
I sew the squares together one by one - just picking the square on top every time
without knowing the print or color of the next square in the bundle.

It was like painting the loveliest flower garden in a fairytale.

Cheerful colors and happy prints - I love this quilt top

28. december 2015

Long time no see - my Christmas

Christmas is over for another year -
it's time to take down the tree and put way all the decorations.

Here you can see some of my favorite Christmas ornaments.
Mostly gifts from people I love or crafty friends - 
my son made the green paper tree about 20 years ago.

I place a string in my kitchen window and place all the ornaments there,
so I can see them every day in December.

This lovely holiday time - my favorite time of the year -
has been a bit different this year.

In fact the past 6 months have been different and sometimes stressful,
because we have illness in the family.

I try to be mindful, but I often forget myself and my crafty life.
During the past week I could feel my sewing mojo moving -
what a joy! I haven't been sewing since May.

So much has happened the past 6 months - good things too!

I have missed you all, I have missed blogging -
I'll try to start again and see, what will happen.

(.....can anyone tell me, why I'm unable to change font, colors and more in blogger....?)

16. april 2015

Crochet Tea Towels

What a great way to use up left over cotton yarn or yarn from stash.

I have used about 500 g of yarn so far - yeeha!
I found one of my baskets with yarn and discovered several skeins of cotton yarn and left overs.

Then I decided to use only the yarn from the basket -
(...I know, I have several skeins of cotton yarn in another basket).

A fun crochet project - a great way to de-stash and it is a challenge to only use certain colors. 

7. april 2015

Peachy Tuesday

My last day of the easter break has been full of cheerful colors.
I wanna show you a glimpse from my day.

Peachy vintage flowers from Rosehip.
I love Beatas work so much.
I have followed her blogs for years now.
It always make me smile, when I visit her blog and see all the cheerful colors and prints, she uses in her work.

I will use the peachy vintage flowers for a spring quilt.
You can always use one more quilt!

I bought my first spring flower today.
My favorite - more will come soon!

Yesterday I did my first page for my Midori.
I made this page to remind me of our Easter trip last week.
My Midori purchase opens a hole new world to me and I can't wait to get the last two inserts.

After I ordered the inserts, I found a lot of tutorials and DIY's about making your own Midori inserts.

I'm so exited to get started, 
but first I must have a new paper trimmer.

24. marts 2015

Patchwork Tuesday

One baby girl quilt for sale.
Feel free to email me if you are interested.

13,5 x 13,5 cm squares for a new quilt.
It's not a baby quilt this time, so I need a lot of squares:-)

...later the same day -
165 squares are now ready to mix and match.
It took me some time to get so far.

23. marts 2015


A few hours home alone in the kitchen.
I enjoy the hand sewed part of the needle books.
Every single stitch.

When the needle book is done, I will go for a walk, alone.
This Monday is a damn good day.

22. marts 2015

A month of giving

My friend, Vibeke, celebrates March with
"A Month of giving" and she invited me to join.

Todays blogpost is about me - 
and you can even win some of my work.

I hope, you see you there!

A Butterfly in my Hair is one of my favorite blogs -
it's worth visiting.