28. december 2015

Long time no see - my Christmas

Christmas is over for another year -
it's time to take down the tree and put way all the decorations.

Here you can see some of my favorite Christmas ornaments.
Mostly gifts from people I love or crafty friends - 
my son made the green paper tree about 20 years ago.

I place a string in my kitchen window and place all the ornaments there,
so I can see them every day in December.

This lovely holiday time - my favorite time of the year -
has been a bit different this year.

In fact the past 6 months have been different and sometimes stressful,
because we have illness in the family.

I try to be mindful, but I often forget myself and my crafty life.
During the past week I could feel my sewing mojo moving -
what a joy! I haven't been sewing since May.

So much has happened the past 6 months - good things too!

I have missed you all, I have missed blogging -
I'll try to start again and see, what will happen.

(.....can anyone tell me, why I'm unable to change font, colors and more in blogger....?)

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  1. Oh so wonderful to be here!
    I have finally started blogging again after all this time!
    And I have missed it so much. I am looking forward to visiting your blog.
    I am a little bit tired of facebook, and hope to connect again! x


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