4. april 2016

Buttercups and sherberts quilt top

"The hardest test in life
is the patience
to wait for the right moment"

Todays was the right moment to sew the quilt top.

I love to make the puzzle of squares before sewing the quilt top, 
but this time I skipped the puzzle.
I sew the squares together one by one - just picking the square on top every time
without knowing the print or color of the next square in the bundle.

It was like painting the loveliest flower garden in a fairytale.

Cheerful colors and happy prints - I love this quilt top

13 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful, sunny quilt! Makes me happy to see it! Xx

  2. Hvilken glædesfyldt top af et tæppe :) At lade tilfældighederne råde, giver altså en skøn energi :)

    1. Ja, jeg blev helt glad i låget af at sidde ved symaskinen. Det var sjovt at se tæppet vokse tilfældigt.

  3. Thanks, Louise.

  4. Hey, I've seen that before, Mette! That sounds like the perfect way of putting it together... Great photos, by the way!

    Beata xo

  5. Lovely top, with a lot of spring feeling.

  6. Great post.thank you so much.Love this blog.

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