10. marts 2015

Knit Inspiration

I have added new yarn to my stash.
A good friend of mine invited me to dye yarn with her.
This is my first collection - I hope, it's not the last one!
The bright colours remind me of the upcoming spring time!

I have knitted a vest for a cute little boy named August.
I like to add a little contrast detail, so I used neon orange thread for the buttons.

For my birthday last week my hubby surprised me with a gift from a new Danish knit and crochet company named Kit Couture.
I got the most wonderful red scissor and some knitting needles.

I'm already a big fan of Kit Couture. Their style is so simple and delicate.

I better finish the sweater on the knitting needles, so I can start a new project. 

I'm knitting a sweater from Sandnes, magazine 1414 Tweed & Co.
I knit with dark blue and grey yarn - I need a spring project in cheerful colours.

If you are looking for knit inspiration, you should have a look at Sandnes website. There's a lot of inspiring new knit magazines.

Do you have some knit inspiration, you want to share....?

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