12. marts 2015

Paper and paint

A gift from my friend, Marie-Louise (you find her on instagram too, malou_djuurhuus).
She is a great inspiration to me, when it comes to paper work.

Marie-Louise told me about Ashley Godberg, Studio Calico, so now I'm also playing with paint and paper.

I decided to buy the paint.plan.play online classroom
 at Studio Calico.

It's a new world to me and it's fun.
I can't wait to try embossing, thanks for inspiring me, M-L.

Feel free to share tips or inspiration for paper work, painting, stamping and more.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Dejligt at kunne inspirere 😀 jeg er helt helt pjattet med det papirsjov. Helt pjattet.

    1. Det er også sjovt! .. Ikke mindst at lære noget nyt.

  2. I got some of Ashleys work in my home, love her

    1. I understand why! I love her work.

  3. Looks very sophisticated look, maybe you can do it more wool let us incredible things, thank you for sharing, one day I will try, perhaps.


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