27. januar 2015

A Glimpse of my January

Long time no see...
I'm still here, despite blog burnout.

A strange thing has happened - I like knitting socks!
I have knitted 4 pairs of socks the past month
- that's a victory!

I've lost my sewing mojo during December,
so I decided to knit, while I'm waiting for my mojo.

I guess therapeutic knitting is good for me -
and a great wait to turn off the thoughts.

Despite the lack of sewing mojo and too little snow
I do my best to enjoy every day in January. I like winter time.

Do you like to knit socks.....?
Perhaps I will plan a sock yarn swap, but I'm not sure,
if anyone think is a great idea.
What do you think...?

Have a crafty, cosy day out there.

5. oktober 2014

Autumn and Apple Galette

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 

I like spring, summer and winter, but
autumn is my favorite season.
What's better than celebrating with Apple Galette?

I love baking with apples and I have been waiting to try this recipe 
- take a look at the other recipes from Homegrown Swedes!
Their videos are lovely and make me relax every time, I see them.

If you like apples too, you better try this lovely galette.

I hope, your sunday is full of joy too.
I'm a sucker for sundays......

29. september 2014

Culture Night

September is the month for Culture Night in my town -
here are a few pictures.

Berit Engen invited me to join her in this lovely cottage.
Berit is Hillerød's secret flower woman. She makes amazing
flower arrangements.

Some of my latest quilts and a little teaser for our x-mas market in November.
The paper cones are made by Camilla and I love them!

A lovely night with lots of visitors.
I'm looking forward to our x-mas market -
I better start the to-do list now!

28. august 2014

Squash boller med solsikkekerner

Torsdag er brøddag her i huset,
men i dag er det gode rugbrød skiftet ud med en omgang 
squash boller.

Som mange andre bager jeg oftest uden opskrift, men vores yngste datter er i gang med at samle opskrifter i sin egen kogebog.
Derfor har jeg forsøgt at skrive en lille opskrift til hende.

Squash boller med solsikkekerner - ca. 20 styk.

Du skal bruge:

en halv liter lunkent vand
50 g gær
1 stor teske honning
1 æg + 1 til at pensle bollerne med
200 g revet squash
1 spsk. rapsolie
1 håndfuld solsikkekerner
200 g Tipo 00 mel
ca. 4-500 g hvedemel (...her glemte jeg vejningen undervejs)
en nip salt 

Rør gær ud i vandet, tilsæt honning og æg. Herefter tilsættes squash, solsikkekerner og rapsolie - rør rundt, inden Tipo 00 og hvedemel tilsættes. Hvedemelet tilsættes lidt af gangen til dejen er fugtig, men ikke klistret.

Ælt dejen godt i hånden eller på maskine. Lad dejen hæve til dobbelt størrelse i ca. en time. Slå dejen ned og form til boller, der efterhæver til dobbelt størrelse. Pensel med æg og bag bollerne ved 200 grader i 10 - 12 minutter afhængig af din ovn.

God bagelyst, Frederikke.

25. august 2014

Patchwork mojo

A couple of weeks ago my Scrappy Tree quilt
was published in a Danish magazine - Hendes Verden.

I also made a note cover.

Beside me, Line Galst,  Pernille Ruskjær and Karen Marie Dehn contributed with some of their patchwork projects too.

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate, Karen Marie.

17. august 2014

Vacation that went by.

A glimpse from our vacation in France.
From a house we love so much in a lovely village, 
Les Baux, by the foot of Mont Ventoux.
This time the girls joined us and they understand,
why we love this place so much.

Frederikkes sleeping place - worthy of a princess.


Light in the living room.

Grapes - view from the kitchen.

Market purchase for me. Lovely craft.

Postcard writing.

Salad chevre chaud by my dear hubby

Early night.

I can't believe, that the vacation already is over.
I need more time.....

25. maj 2014


Blowing in the wind -
cheerful colors and prints.
The quilt top is done, so far so good.

I wish, you could see the fabrics IRL.

It's warm and sunny in Denmark, but I have spent 20 hours
by the sewing machine the past four days.

It has been worth it.
Now I have to choose batting and fabric for the back.