14. marts 2012

by helga isager

a few weeks ago I joined a workshop here

the danish knit designer Helga Isager talked about her
new knit collection from the book named
the bird collection

she brought all the knit models from the book
so I had the opportunity to try them on
- it made it a lot easier to pick which one to knit!

.....I will start with Swallow
....but first I have a Parsnip tunic to finish.....

what's in your knit basket......!?

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  1. I love that deep purple cardigan in in the second photo. What is the name of the pattern?
    I'm working on a Stephen West scarf called, Chadwick, right now. I love his patterns. I've also made "Clockwork." You should check out his designs on Ravelry.
    Did you get my package yet? It should be there soon!!!

  2. So do I, Anna. It's Swallow and I have bought yarn in the same colorway.

  3. Helt enig, Helga's nye kollektion er skøn. Jeg har lyst til at strikke rigtigt mange, herunder Swallow.
    Jeg er dog startet på Raven - den måtte jeg bare eje.....nu......

  4. My mum, who is and avid knitter, just called me to tell me she'd finished a cardigan that she saved from my knit basket, I had lost interest half way so it had been there for awhile... She is a gem, my mum!

  5. Anonym15.3.12

    What a great opportunity to try on the sweater(s) before you chose which to make. I have a hard time picking a favorite.

    I have two major things going in my basket and one thing to rip out. I am working on a crocheted granny squares blanket and a small knit bolero vest for my young niece. The sweater I was working on for my husband is waiting to be frogged. I don't like the way the sleeves are turning out and I'll probably go back to the drawing board on it.

  6. åååå,
    jeg elsker alle disse tre!!!!

    på mine pinner nå om dagen er en liten vennindegave til en søt dansk venn : )



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