12. november 2013

Linen Love

I have been unable to get this wonderful scarf out of my mind.
My dear friend, Vibeke, has posted about her lovely scarf
and I was tempted to buy one for myself.

I could'n resist anymore.....

- photo by Sonia, Cozy Memories

If you need to spoil yourself - or buy a specil gift for a friend - you better take a peek here.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Mette,
    thank you very much for all of your support !
    I hope you will love wearing your linen scarf !

  2. I love her things and your scarf is beautiful!


  3. Niks jeg vil ikke kigge for så bliver jeg nok bare nød til at købe det, det ser så dejligt blødt ud og jeg køber altid til at købe dem med mønster.


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