4. maj 2012

strawberry picnic

things are a little slow round here these days
I got sick the morning after our return from Paris
it's bvvp and it's not over yet
some days are good and some are not
some nights are like a rollercoaster ride every time I turn in bed

it don't keep me from dreaming new dreams

long time ago I bought the strawberry picnic ....fabric bundle here
a peachy bundle of loviness

the peachy bundle should end up as a summer quilt
but nothing has happened so far

I still have another picnic quilt to finish
...and I also have the yellow quilt, that I want to make

I like bundles of quilts and crochet and knit blankets
perfect for crispy summer nights in the garden

tomorrow I will make plans and try to make dreams come true

have a wonderful weekend

3 kommentarer:

  1. It's such a bundle of pretty!

  2. hope you feel better by now

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon Mette... Hmmm, those fabric bundles make me think that I should be finishing some quilts around here too!!


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