8. april 2012

tomato bread

I guess, you already know, how much I like to bake
...and so do my husband. Sometimes we have too much bread in the house..

Saturday I made tomato bread with rosemary, mozarella and basiil

I used semi-dried tomatoes - you can buy it in the local supermarket
or you can make it yourself

cut the tomatoes in halves and place them on baking paper
season with salt, a bit of sugar, olive oil and rosemary
and then in the oven for 1-2 hours by 150 degrees celcius

I usually don't use a recipe, when I bake, but I will try to make one now

you need

half a liter of tempid water
25 g of yest
salt, olive oil
1 dl durum flour
5-6 dl (I guess...) italian flour Tipo 00 (...or any flour with high protein)

yeast into water and stir, add the durum flour, salt and olive oil and stir
then let it rest for 20 minutes 
then you add the rest of the flour little by little
NOTE: it's a wet dough and you don't need to put your hands in it
let it raise 1-2 hours depending on the flour, temperature and mood

put some flour on the table and let the dough rest for 15 minutes

(the oil is from the bowl the dough raised in)

spread the dough a little if it's needed
and then add tomates, basil and mozarella

and work it into the dough
- it's easier if you use your hands

cut the dough as you like and place it on baking paper
add olive oil and Maldon sea salt

I placed two pizza stones in the oven

bake for 15 - 20 minutes  - depending on the oven and the size of the breads
- 225 degrees celcius

perfect bread for soup

bon apetit!

6 kommentarer:

  1. åååå nam!!
    så deilig ut : )


    1. Det smager også dejligt.

  2. MMMM. Totalt dejligt brød som jeg også hygger mig med engang imellem (dog i en lidt anden kombination af mel, men grundprincippet er det samme og det er godt).

    1. Her er kombinationen også afhængig af vejr, vind og humør. Det er fantastisk at bage.

  3. Min søn kiggede mig lige over skulderen og jeg er nu overtalt til at bage dine tomat pizzabrød, som han kalder dem.
    De ser super lækre ud.
    Go' søndag.

  4. oh my goodness mette, this looks devine!!
    I lost you for a while, as you changed your blog. I just thought you had stopped blogging! Glad that is not the case!


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