27. november 2011

advent sunday

the first advent sunday this year

chrtistmas corner in the kitchen
advent gifts (I got this lovely black rose flavoured tea)

this afternoon we will hang out with my sister and her family
it will be a christmassy and lovely day
...do you have any plans..!?

4 kommentarer:

  1. I have decorated our living room and put out my wonky stars VQB quilt in reds and whites.

    For some reason I do not think it looks quite as Christmas-sy as your little corner in the kitchen?!

    And my 2-year-old refuses with a firm 'NO' to wear the red felt gnome/elf hat I have found for him :))

  2. You are starting early! I love your kitchen Christmas corner and your new banner is so pretty. Enjoy the season!

  3. looks really cozy

    I have to try the Lov tea..do you like it?

  4. Dear Mette,
    I love your new blog and your little tree. I feel almost christmassy now. I am now living in warm and sunny Australia.
    Wishing you happiness and a great Xmas!


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