21. august 2011

spinache lunch bread recipe

we often bake bread in the weekend
this weekend is no exception

time to make spinache buns for lunch next week
all you need:
0,5 liter tempid water
20 g yeast
2-3 teaspoons of salt
chopped spinache
(I took 4-5 frozen spinache balls from the freezer
and placed them in the fridge last night)
6-700 grams of flour - I use Italian tipo 00

- and a bowl of course!

dissolve the yeast in the water
add salt, spinache and grated parmesan
add the flour little by little
while you stir

the good part is, that you don't have
to place your hands in this dough
it's a very wet dough
all for now - let it raise 2-3 hours

usually I only use 5 g yeast
and let the dough raise in the fridge
for at least 8 hours

I'll be back!

some hours later....

ready to bake - almost!
take a spoon and a glass of water
place the spoon in the water and use it for the dough
place it on the baking paper

turn the oven to 225 degrees celsius
let the buns raise as long as it takes the oven to be warm
you can add some grated parmesan on the top

bake for how long....!? it's depending on your oven
a good rule is to take the bread out and knock on the bottom
if it is cooked, there will be a hollow sound

I always throw a cup of cold water into the oven
to make the bread crunchy

...waiting for pesto, mozarella and tomatoes

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  1. they look even better here! welcome to blogger, hope it works better for you xx

  2. åh...dette må prøves!
    De ser fantastisk gode ut ;)


  3. Tak, Rikke, de ER gode! God bagning.

  4. yum..I wish you live closer


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